Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Kiwi Can - Self Control

                                           Kiwi Can
LI: What is self control and how to use it.I learnt that self control is when you control your emotions and what you do.I learnt this by going to kiwi can and playing games that had included Self control.We first played Bip Bop Bounce then we had to talk about where is any risky actions is in the school or around the school.The other game we played was called all aboard.All aboard is when you have a rope formed into a circle we had to figure a way to make all of us get into the rope.We put our whole body in the rope but that didn't turn out well so we had to discuss how to do it.We did not figure the answer so Mr Malu and Ms Latoya revealed the answer.They did not say our whole body they meant we need to be in the circle like put our hand or anything in the circle not our whole body.They made each level harder and harder.

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