Friday, 13 April 2018

LS1 Olympics

Yesterday was LS1's Olympics. We used sme of the games from the Minute to win it when we were practising for the LS1 Olympics. I wasn't exactly like olympics, we just played games and they had to be timed for 60 seconds ( 1 minute). Yesterday morning LS1 walked up to the hall for our Olympics. Each team had their own place to sit. The First game we had was stack attack. I represented my group for stack attack but I sadly lost. The person who came first place for stack attack was Miiana, second place Giovanni, third place Sione T. After Stack Attack it was Back Flip. We all watched the video before we played the game. First place for Back Flip was Florence, Second Place was Andrew, Third Place was Jayden. After that we had A Bit dicey. Victoria came first, Polasina came third. Then we had break. We had This Blows after break. Lorenzo Came First, Lukah Came Second and Sulia Came Third. After that we had floatacious. Sandra came first for floatacious, Second Place was Leroy, Third palce was Juel. After that we had Ready Spaghetti, You had to play in partners, For second place Was Nicole and Alayah, First place was KAITLYN & CHARLIZE! Mr O played our theme song but he ended up playing most of the song. Kaitlyn was dancing on the stage while listening to the song.

The video on top was my video from stack attack.

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